Sunday, 10 September 2017

5 elements of a winning resume

By Ask Biomedical

resume is a crucial piece of the puzzle to a successful career. Studies indicate that a recruiter scans a resume in 10-15 seconds and that it! 

Hence, the content layout and language has to be dynamic enough for an employer to give the resume a longer look. Five major elements to attain an interview winning resume are: 

1. Decide the focus and create the objective:The job objective should be a crisp and concise statement of what you intend to pursue. It should include these: 

- Target functional area 
- Preferred location 
- Preferred industry 

2. An effective summary: This aims at presenting the snapshot of a person's professional profile to a potential recruiter. It demonstrates an ability to generate a significant return on the employers' investment in a candidate. Use bullets to emphasise points and include the following points in the summary: 

- Total years of experience  - A functional resume emphasizes more on skill sets rather than chronology. It is best suited for people who possess diverse skills and one who are changing careers. 
- A mixed format focuses both on skills & experience and works for everyone. Thus, it is most commonly used worldwide.


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