Thursday, 7 September 2017


By Ask Biomedical

*Interview questions on Electronic circuits*      

what is stability factor?
what is transistor,transistor biasing?
what is thermal runaway?
what is dc load line?
what is stablization?
what is bypass capacitor?
what is the need of coupling capacitor?
what is the advantage of all amplifiers?
what is class A,B,AB,C,. amplifiers?
what is the advantage of above amplifiers?
what is transformer coupled amplifier? millers theorem?
define advantage of h parameters?
how to cascade a amplifier?
what is darlington pair?
what is swapping resistor?
what is cross over distortion?
figure of merit?
source follower?
list the application of source follower?
differential amplifier?
list the advantage of differential amplifier?
what is filter and its types?
ripple filter?
define gain stablity?
cut off frequency?
what is rectification and types?
what is rectifier?
what is half and full wave rectifier?
what is rectifier efficiency?
what is peak inverse voltage?
what are the different biasing circuits?


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