Thursday, 7 September 2017


By Ask Biomedical
*Interview questions and answers on INSTRUMENTATION*

Lag compensator is used for improving _________?
Ans. Steady state response.

*IC family which shows lowest power dissipation_________ ?
Ans. CMOS (0.01 mw/gate).

*What is FOM of IC family?
Ans. Speed power product is known as the Figure of Merit (FOM) of every IC family and it should be min.

*ADC used in Digital Voltmeter is _______?

Ans. Dual slope (due to its good conversion accuracy and low cost).

*What is Static1 Hazard?
Ans. If output of a logic circuit should remain constant at High Voltage level (1) but it goes low then we say static1
hazard exist.

*In order to make a 4-bit parallel adder minimum circuitry required is______?
Ans. One half adder and three full adder.

*If a 10 kHz frequency signal is applied to a T-FF then what will be the frequency of output signal?

Ans. 5 kHz.

*In RLC series circuit impedance at resonance is_______?

Ans. Minimum.

*The device which is best suitable for the purpose of isolation of low voltage circuit from high voltage circuit is?
Ans. Optocoupler.

*Energy meter at our home is an example of ___________ type of instrument?
Ans. Integrating .

*Why null type instruments are more accurate?
Ans. Since at the end of measurement they consume almost negligible power.

*What is the basis of KCL?
Ans. Law of conservation of charges

*Explain proportional controller with advantages and disadvantages.
*Explain integral controller with advantages and disadvantages.

*Explain differential controller with advantage and disadvantages.

*Explain all the composite mode controllers with advantages and disadvantages.

*What is difference between circuit and network?

*What is difference between network analysis and synthesis?

*Why we study superposition theorem?

*What are the techniques used for electrical network synthesis.


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