Monday, 18 September 2017

Interview questions and answers on DIP

By Ask Biomedical
1)*What is Digital Image?*
A digital image is a representation of a two-dimensional image as a finite set of digital values, called picture elements or pixels

2)*What is DIP?*
Digital image processing focuses on two major tasks
Improvement of pictorial information for human interpretation
Processing of image data for storage, transmission and representation for autonomous machine perception
Some argument about where image processing ends and fields such as image analysis and computer vision start.
The continuum from image processing to computer vision can be broken up into low-, mid- and high-level processes

3)*What is the use of DIP?*
The use of digital image processing techniques has exploded and they are now used for all kinds of tasks in all kinds of areas
Image enhancement/restoration
Artistic effects
Medical visualisation
Industrial inspection
Law enforcement
Human computer interfaces


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