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NABH Guidelines

By Ask Biomedical
NABH Guidelines
Biomedical Equipment (calibration): NABH team accepted as per below.
Bp apparatus
Do 1 Bp apparatus calibration from NABL accreditation company and do all Bp apparatus in hospital and prepare certificate (in house report) do sticker as per the reference by calibrated one
Monitors, defibrillator, ECG, Ventilator, workstation: take validation / calibration certificates direct from company itself.
Diathermy’s, TCM, HEARTLUNG MACHINE, OT lights, OT tables, Laproscope equipments: pms report is enough from company with checklist or from biomedical in house pm report.
Syringe pumps, infusion pumps: take calibration certificate from belonging company
ICP monitor: need pms report only from company
Adult Weighing scales, nebulisers, physiotherapy eqt. : need pms in house report by biomedical
Wax both , Lab weighing scales , micro pippets, cetrifuge, water bath, oven, incubator, neonatal incubators, infant warmers, digital/manual thermometers of Refrigerator:
need to be done calibration from accreditation company(NABL/NABH)
Microtome, tissue processor: need pms report by biomedical is enough
All analysers, bio safety cabinet, laminar flow: need calibration certificate from same company accepted
Radiology Equipments: need to be done QA from registered AERB accreditation company
safety tools certificate submission to AERB is must n should need in biomedical as well as in radiology department it’s in online now in ELORA website .
Ultrasound, ECHO: state PNDT registration certificate from DMHO n pms report need
Files Must and should be in Biomedical Engineering department.
Main asset list of all equipments department wise with asset number to the equipment with summary sheet.
Pms reports of all equipment as per the equipment
PMS schedule month wise file (year calendar) to be prepared
Installation reports of all equipment
IQ, PQ, OQ, for all analysers in lab equipment.
Biomedical Calls /complaints management register/logbook (start to till date)
BIOMEDICAL SOP files as per team number (if team 5 in Biomedical Department, sop files should prepare on every name)
Purchase order: releasing protocols and PO file Of Equipment and Spares
Equipment. Condemnation report file: minutes of meeting report n condemned equipment list to be filed by signing by condemnation committee
(Committee members:
1.GM-hospital/CHA(chief hospital administrator,
Manager/HOD- biomedical
Medical superintendent
Prepared by: biomedical engr name
Approved by: Medical director /CEO )
AERB REGISTRATION certificates from AERB for all radiology EQT. File as well as state registration from DMHO.
Every year prenatal test not doing report should submit in DMHO office on Dr. personnel name whoever doing ultrasound and echo , letter on ₹ 50 stamp/bond paper ,which prepared by layer with Dr. sign , this photocopy should file in biomedical department after submission to DMHO. (answer by biomedical engineer n this letter submission done by biomedical as per new law in PNDT law in India since 2014)
Stock register (optional)
All equipment should be placed by cal/pms stickers with updated dates & every dept. having biomedical maintenance requisition book, slips of received and issued eqt after repair which should file in BMED.

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