Sunday, 15 October 2017


By Ask Biomedical
1)Define Embedded Systems.
An embedded system is one that has computer-hardware with software embedded in it as one of its most important component. Software embedded into hardware is known as embedded systems.
E.g: Mobile Phones, Elevator, Computer, etc….
2)What are the components of embedded system hardware?
- Processor
- Program memory and data memory
- Timers
- Serial communication ports
- Input devices
- Output devices
- Power suply, Reset and Oscillator Circuits
3)Classification of embedded system.
ans. - Small Scale Embedded Systems
- Medium Scale embedded Systems
- Large Scale Embedded Systems
4)Define Processor.
Processor is the heart of the system. A processor implements a process or processes as per the commands given to it.
Specify the 2 essential units of the processor in a system.
. - Program Flow Control Unit (CU)
- Execution Unit (EU)
5)What are the types of General Purpose Processor?
. - Microprocessor
- Microcontroller
- Embedded Processor
- Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
- Media Processor
6)Define Microprocessor.
A microprocessor is a single VLSI chip that has a CPU and may also have some other units that are additionally present and that result in faster processing of instructions.
7)Define Microcontroller.
A microcontroller is a single-chip VLSI unit which, though having limited computational capabilities, possesses enhanced input-output capabilities ana a number of on-chip functional units.
8)What is Clock?
A fixed frequency pulses that an oscillator circuit generates and that controls all operations during processing and all timing references of the system.


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